split klima aparatı

Ergonomic Handles

Adjustable ergonomic and compatible with your air conditioner.

360° Rotatable Transparent Flap

360° You can direct the air flow with the rotatable transparent flap.

Infinite Rotation

Endless rotation for transparent flap adjustment.

Easy Setup

Plug and play with easy mounting feature instantly.


Standards are changing at home and at work.
Upgrade your air conditioning comfort standards.

Air Conditioning Apparatus

The use of air conditioner products is suitable for all hot and cold areas. As it is known, Turkey and in many countries in the work environment in the office desk call center systems are adjacent or close to each other done. Since most of these environments are in plaza offices, many systems related to ventilation are used. These systems are listed below.

Central system ventilation
Cassette air conditioner
Split air conditioner
Culvert ventilation
Slot anemostad Diffuser

During the use of the above systems, some adverse situations occur for the people in the environment. The biggest disagreement between people who share the same environment is that the air coming to the office through the ventilation systems comes to them. The direct contact of the air coming through the ventilation system to the person brings many discomfort. The most common of these are waist and neck stiffness caused by air conditioner strikes. Another discomfort is headache. These disturbances are present in every environment where air conditioning is used.

Why Air Conditioner Apparatus

Direct exposure to the air from the air conditioner affects us negatively, as mentioned above. So how can we prevent this?

Gürsel Reklam ve Tanıtım San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. As a result of the work on the ventilation system, our company has found an idea about this issue and made R & D studies in line with this idea and developed air conditioning apparatus in 2011 for areas where air conditioning is used. The developed air conditioner apparatus is adapted to all air conditioner models.

Air Conditioning Apparatus

Air conditioning apparatus has been developed for all ventilation systems used in the market by evaluating the feedbacks of the users. The most used of these air conditioners are as follows.

Split Air Conditioner Apparatus
Cassette Air Conditioner Apparatus
Culvert Air Conditioning Apparatus
Salon Air Conditioner Apparatus
Floor Air Conditioner Apparatus

All the above-mentioned apparatus eliminates all the inconveniences that may occur by preventing air conditioner crash.